Smiling is an integral part of the human experience. Before we even enter the world, we smile to ourselves within the womb. Once born, even babies who are born blind will smile when delighted. We do it completely naturally.

However, if you feel less than confident about the quality of your smile, you might feel reluctant to show it in front of others. Instead of showing the world your happiness, you hide it away out of self-consciousness and embarrassment. It doesn’t need to be this way—you do not need to deny yourself the joy of smiling each and every day, no matter who is around. Additionally, correcting your teeth results in better function and overall dental health.

With a little help from our Straight Smiles, you will soon find yourself smiling brightly. We offer several different types of braces, ensuring that we can outfit you with the system that is best for you. From traditional metal braces to less noticeable clear brackets, we are certain we can meet the needs of all our patients.

If you are considering braces, please take some time to contact our office. We will schedule your initial consultation, at which point we will review your case and discuss your options. There is no reason to go through life afraid to smile!

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